Safe, efficient fluid heating services.




  • 3 – 11 mil BTU heaters
  • 85+% efficient, equivalent output BTU of a 45 mil BTU updraft style tri fuel unit
  • Heating capability from 0°C to 49°C discharge temperature at 3M3/minute
  • Max pressure 175 psi
  • Full fire suppression system and ESD with electronic flow and temperature sensors
  • Sealed burner chamber with no open flames for increased efficiency and safety
  • Fuel storage for 15 hours continuous operation
  • Ability to slip stream direct to frac for heat on the fly
  • Full 4” integral suction and discharge manifolds with a 3” bypass line for increased flow rate up to 8M3/ minute
  • 2M3 of methanol storage for winterization
  • Capable of heating water, flowback, hydrocarbon
  • Fully equipped with stainless steel fittings

 Vacuum Truck Services

We have a host of straight vac, hydro vac and vac steamer combo units with trailers, ready to go. Our units are well equipped to handle almost any spill you and your operation could be faced with. Then, once we’ve finished the job, we take full custody of the slurry. Disposal is cost-effective and environmentally sound.

Chemical Blending Sales

  • Potable water - Hot water for cementing up to 120 CO or to your desired temperature
  • Bulk Methanol
  • Pipeline Mix
  • Calcium Chloride/Nitrate
  • Hydrochloric (HCL) Acid
  • Potassium Chloride (KCL)
  • Kill fluid 1,550 kg m3 in stock

Dedicated KCL Blending

Our specially-suited, indoor blending facility can blend KCL concentrations up to 24%. We can blend 20% KCL at 80m3 to 100m3 every hour. Any size job is within our capacity.



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