The Long Distance Frac Supply Program

Fraction Energy Services completed a high rate, long-distance frac supply program in north-central Alberta during Q1 2020. The program consisted of two, back to back water supply projects with the first project operating over a 45km distance.

Project #1: 45km
Surface Line: 12” Lay Flat Hose
Delivery: up to 11.5m3
/min to lease
Total Volume: 125,000m3+
Pumping System: 10 – 375HP 8×6 Cornell Pumps
equipped with LightspeedTM automation and telemetry


Safe and efficient operation


LightspeedTM automation allows projects to be completed with a reduced workforce while still maintaining a safe and efficient pumping operation. Each pump in the multi-pump system can be set in auto-mode allowing the project supervisor the ability to monitor and adjust operating set-points for each unit in line and optimize delivery from source to lease.

This contrasts conventional systems where each pump operates as an individual node and relies on individual workers to make manual adjustments based on instructions relayed up and down the line.


On this long line project, we were able to safely reduce our crew by six Water Techs and which in turn reduced the number of crew trucks, associated fuel, and worker LOA. Overall, Fraction was able to achieve 22% savings to the customer in these categories.


Thank you to our Customers and thank you to our staff.
These results are a testament to your dedication and hard work.