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Fraction has a diverse line of safe, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly superheaters and boilers. Our fleet has been built to make sure we have the perfect option for every application. We stand above our competition with our industry leading fleet as well as our ability to offer Natural Gas Conditioning Units with our heaters. It allows our customers to tie into and burn their own Field Gas. We regulate pressures and remove all liquids and impurities so you can use your natural gas by-product to it’s full potential. This is the most efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable way to heat your fluid.

Water Pumping

Utilizing our LightSpeed automation and telemetry, Fraction specializes in pumping water safely and efficiently. We have a diverse range of equipment and can support a wide range of clients and industries throughout Western Canada. Our crews are the most experienced in the business, well trained and professional and will take on any size project our customers required.

We specialize in high-volume, high-rate water transfer services through a variety of mobile piping systems that are environmentally safe in order to support hydraulic fracturing. Our inventory of pumps, pipe, lay flat hose, and manifolds are specifically designed to operate in any climate and across varying terrains in the most economical and environmentally conscious manner.

  • Above ground water transfer
  • TDL sourcing services
  • Engineered line design
  • Infrastructure water transfer
  • Lease operations
  • Fast Load/Off Load Stations
  • Flowback/Produced Water Filtering
  • HDPE fusing
  • Dewatering
  • Bypass pumping
  • Pipeline and tank hydrotesting
  • Flow rate metering

Oilfield Rentals

For surface equipment rentals for Oil and Gas projects. Please visit assuredrentals.ca.

Modular Tanks

Fraction’s line of modular tanks is the industry leader when it comes to design and deliverability. Our unique bulkhead design allows our crews to complete set-ups and teardowns safely and at less cost for our customers. With four sizes, our tanks are suitable for various lease sizes and frac spread layouts.

Modular Tank Sizes:

  • 1,300m3
  • 3,000m3
  • 4,500m3
  • 6,600m3

Minion® Tanks

Fraction is proud to partner with ThinkTank to supply the Minion® tank which saves time and money on consumable costs, liner disposal and recycling with a re-useable bladder. The Minion® tank has the largest volume to area storage capacity making it the most flexible storage footprint on the market, saving much needed space on your project.

Minion® Tank Sizes:

  • 1,033m3
  • 1,590m3
  • 3,180m3

Buffer Tanks

Fraction’s buffer tanks are available in two sizes, the Shark Tank (190m3), and the Whale Tank (230m3), and are an innovative solution to frac fluid management redundancies and inefficiencies. Engineered for practicality in the field, these dual-purpose frac tanks are delivered as a single legal load, complete with manifold, monitoring and safety equipment built right in.

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