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Fraction Energy Services oilfield rentals provides our clients with the best available resources for fluid storage and filtration. Our fleet of buffer tanks provide mid-volume storage for water, lease fluids, and chemicals, and Fraction’s line of modular tanks provide high volume fresh and saline storage capacity. Fraction’s bag filtration packages can manage suspended solids on multiple applications.

When you need to address suspended solids in your process flow, Fraction Energy Services has a wide range of bag filtration options to meet your project’s requirements. Our filter pots range from 4” to 12” and can achieve a of flow rates up to 14 m3/min. We have skid units as well as enclosed trailers and the dual pot design allows filters to be changed quickly and efficiently. Whether you are pumping out of a silty water source, flowing back a well post-frac, or cleaning up a production flow line downstream from your sand filter, we can provide the unit best suited for your application.

Buffer Tanks

Fraction’s buffer tanks are available in two sizes, the Shark Tank (190m3), and the Whale Tank (230m3), and are an innovative solution to frac fluid management redundancies and inefficiencies. Engineered to be practical in the field, these dual-purpose frac tanks are delivered as a single legal load, complete with manifold, monitoring, and safety equipment built right in.

Modular Tanks (C-Rings)

Fraction’s line of modular tanks is the industry leader when it comes to design and deliverability. Our unique bulkhead design allows our crews to complete set-ups and teardowns safely and at less cost for our customers. With four sizes, our tanks are suitable for various lease sizes and frac spread layouts.

Tank Size

  • 1,300m3 (8,200bbl)
  • 3,000m3 (18,900bbl)
  • 4,500m3 (28,300bbl)
  • 6,600m3 (41,500bbl)
  • 22.0m (72ft)
  • 33.5m (110ft)
  • 39.6m (130ft)
  • 47.6m (156ft)
  • 3.5m (11.3ft)
  • 3.5m (11.3ft)
  • 3.8m (12.3ft)
  • 3.8m (12.3ft)
Working Area
  • 30.5m x 30.5m (100ft x 100ft)
  • 42.7m x 42.7m (140ft x 140ft)
  • 51.8m x 51.8m (170ft x 170ft)
  • 61.0m x 61.0m (200ft x 200ft)

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