Diversified Fluid Management Solutions

Fraction Energy Services, a division of Green Energy Services, offers a diverse range of fluid management solutions including water transfer, containment, filtration and heating. Our commitment to innovation and technology ensures safe and efficient execution of every job.


Leave the complexities of water management with us – proud WCSB leaders of innovation, community & sustainability

Fraction strives to create long-term value for our clients, Indigenous Partners, and community stakeholders. We lead the industry with innovative water management solutions, and take great pride of our ongoing commitment to Indigenous Inclusion within the areas we operate. We have proven to be stewards of our land through sustainable practices, while generating growth and opportunities for First Nations members within their traditional territories.


Our people’s drive to lead.
Rooted in integrity & community.
Dedicated Indigenous partnerships.

Water Transfer

Technology for any project, location, or weather condition

Water Transfer Expertise


Leading the industry in
design, deliverability
& efficiency

Containment Solutions


Safe & effective fluid heating in any environment

Efficient Fluid Heating

We concentrate on our strengths
& build authentic relationships.

Environmental Stewards

Fraction, together with our Partners, strives to be a steward of our land. We believe a focus on advancing
technology will help to reduce emissions, mitigate environmental disruption & allow for better monitoring for added awareness. Learn more.

Technology Driven

We are embracing automation and technology in every aspect of our operation. Implementing advanced technology allows us to make real-time, data-backed decisions to create efficiencies and improve your operations. Learn more.

Indigenous Inclusion

We concentrate on building deeper relationships and establishing meaningful connections between industry & our Indigenous Partners. Fraction currently holds 4 successful working relationship agreements, including 2 equity partnerships. Learn more.

Safe & Streamlined

We do things safely, or not at all. Our culture is focused on continual improvement – from the front lines to the back office. That means a continual drive to lower our TRIF, while maximizing profitability and driving efficiencies across all business lines. Learn more.


Fraction is grateful for the support and loyalty of our clients whom we serve.

Together with our partners, we look to continue our efforts to improve and deliver heightened levels of community prosperity and industry efficiency.

We are so proud of the meaningful, respectful relationship we have built with Fraction.

We are honoured to work with a company that supports our community and cultural values. We look forward to the future growth and ongoing success of our partnership through economic opportunities for our Nation.”

Chief Trevor Makadahay and Council
Doig River First Nation
Fraction Energy and their team have shown an unwavering commitment to community building & uniting nations around shared objectives.

Our values strongly align as we share a common goal of supporting local initiatives and uplifting individuals. It is with great enthusiasm that we look forward to deepening our involvement with Fraction, knowing that their direction and purpose are closely aligned with our own.

Garry Oker, Councilor of Culture
Doig River First Nation
The Halfway River Group values companies, such as Fraction, who seek areas for our inclusion in their projects.

Fraction is sincere in their efforts to include the Halfway River Group businesses and have proven to fulfill their commitments. Through this economic participation, the Halfway River Group is able to create betterment for the Halfway
River First Nation, and we express our gratitude to Fraction for their efforts.

Brad Bonner, President & CEO
Halfway River Group of Companies