By leveraging expertise, technology & collaboration, together we are driving a more sustainable future.


We play a critical role in protecting our environment & advancing social equity

Fraction’s approach to ESG is not just about compliance but is rooted in our belief in being responsible stewards of the land we operate on, especially in collaboration with Indigenous communities. We leverage technology and innovation, such as automation and high-efficiency equipment, to reduce our environmental footprint, lower emissions, and enhance safety.

Our initiatives, like liner recycling and fuel optimization, reflect our dedication to sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and our stakeholders. This strong ESG stance underpins our operations, ensuring we contribute positively to the communities and ecosystems we are part of.


Our commitment to Indigenous partnerships is foundational to our operations and values

Establishing meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities is not just a business strategy; it’s a core aspect of our identity, underpinning our approach to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Through initiatives like supporting local events, engaging in joint ventures, and hiring from within these communities, we aim to foster mutual growth, respect, and prosperity.

health & safety

We do it safely, or not at all.

The health and safety of our team extends far past policies, procedures and statistics. We are a family-oriented company, and believe a true safety culture stems from taking personal responsibility for our own well-being – and that of our team, as well.

Fraction continues to achieve remarkable results in terms of safety performance, reducing TRIF year-over-year. Our culture is one of continuous improvement, and where everyone’s voice matters.


Integrating advanced technology is proving to reduce emissions & mitigate environmental disruption

Fraction, together with our Partners, strives to be a steward of our land. We create a positive impact through a diverse range of initiatives – from liner recycling, fuel reduction, energy optimization, to minimizing our containment footprint.


Full transparency & real-time analysis maximizes profit & drives efficiency for all stakeholders

Fraction continues to develop and streamline our operations tracking, allowing for full transparency and analysis in a variety of metrics.

local presence

Community: an unwavering value at Fraction since inception in 2011.
When our community grows and thrives, so does our team.

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