Indigenous Engagement

Through authentic relationships and collaboration, together we are driving a more sustainable future.


We play a critical role in protecting our environment & advancing social equity

Fraction’s approach to ESG is not just about compliance but is rooted in our belief in being responsible stewards of the land we operate on, especially in collaboration with Indigenous communities.

We currently maintain operational ties with four nations, two of which involve equity partnerships.

Our aim is to extend and enhance these connections to contribute to the prosperity of the nations in which we operate. With our company’s growth, we eagerly anticipate broadening our influence and leaving a positive footprint wherever we go.


Proud equity partner with Doig River First Nation

Úújo Developments Limited Partnership “Úújo”˙ was created by the Doig River First Nation “DRFN” with a vision to produce economic benefit in balance with the Nation’s traditional practices and culture along with environmental stewardship. Úújo continues to increase their Fraction equity position, enjoying the benefits of being a shareholder, which supports more First Nation participation wherever Fraction does business.


Our newest equity partnership with Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation

Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation has become the most recent equity partner for Fraction, establishing a partnership grounded in trust and a track record of delivering on our commitments. We are enthusiastic about expanding the economic landscape of the nation and providing extensive business opportunities throughout Western Canada.


Water Technician & Training Program

Fraction, in partnership with NENAS North East Native Advancing Society in BC and the Indigenous Skills & Employment Training ISET˙ Program in Alberta, gives inexperienced individuals an opportunity for career placement and advancement.

This mentorship program not only provides valuable skills training, but also helps to create sustainable jobs and economic growth in the region.


Fraction’s Water Technician School offers many benefits:

  • Paid Internship
  • Option for full coverage or flexible benefits
  • Community involvement through sponsorship of local events
  • Focus on safety, training and development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • One-on-one mentorship
Fraction has shown an unwavering commitment to community building and uniting nations around shared fundraising objectives.

Our values strongly align as we share a common goal of supporting local initiatives and uplifting individuals. It is with great enthusiasm that we look forward to deepening our involvement with Fraction.”

Chief Trevor Makadahay and Council
Doig River First Nation
We are so proud of the meaningful, respectful relationship we have built with Fraction and we are honoured to work with a company that supports our community and cultural values.

We look forward to the future growth and ongoing success of our partnership through economic opportunities for our Nation.

Chief Trevor Makadahay and Council,
Doig River First Nation
The Halfway River Group (HRG) values the efforts of Fraction as they seek innovative mechanisms to include Halfway River First Nation in their projects.

Through the support of industry, HRG has been able to create positive and sustainable change for the Nation and looks forward to continuing to build relationships with companies such as Fraction to bolster our mutual success.

Brad Bonner, President & CEO,
Halfway River Group of Companies
Contributing towards the realization of Indigenous inclusion and cultivating an economic environment that provides opportunity for Indigenous participation is just good business practice.

These actions not only create space to collaboratively approach economic growth, it contributes to the Canadian economy as a whole and an attractive country to invest in.

Mindy Henyu
Fraction Special Board Advisor
Úújo is focused on protecting the values and interests of DRFN as it develops strategic partnerships with industry to maximize the scale and influence.

Úújo found a trusted partner in Fraction. A relationship based on opportunity creation; where together we foster community support, skills development and drive industry understanding on reconciliation.

Wayne Rothlisberger VP Business Development
Úújo Developments LP