Fraction Energy Services

It’s our talent, technology and trusted relationships that set us apart. We’re a people company, focused on sustainable operations. From water transfer, to heating, filtration or containment have confidence knowing your project will be executed safely and efficiently.

Fraction Energy Services

Innovative water management solutions across western Canada.

Fraction Energy Services, a division of Green Energy Services, offers a diverse range of fluid management solutions including water transfer, containment, filtering and heating. The technology we utilize drives efficiency; our operational excellence streamlines your operations.

We take great pride of our ongoing commitment to Indigenous Inclusion within the areas we operate. We have proven to be stewards of our land through sustainable practices, while generating growth and opportunities for First Nations members within their traditional territories.

5 core principles

Operational excellence through safe, efficient, and profitable operations.


We are our brothers & sister keepers.


We will not take short cuts, big or small


We care personally & challenge directly


We do it safely or not at all.


There is always time to do it right.


  • We are all fallible.
  • Leadership matters.
  • How leaders respond to everything matters. Leadership drives culture and culture drives behaviour.
  • As leaders, what we accept, we condone.
  • Rarely are unsafe actions malicious but well-meaning actions intended to get the job done.
  • We share lessons learned and we apply lessons learned to current and future operations. We are actively striving to always get better.
  • We will strive to create an environment where everyone has a voice, and everyone is heard.
  • Blame fixes nothing. We can blame and punish, or we can learn and improve. We cannot do both.
  • Use of Stop Work Authority. When in doubt speak up and get clarity, trust your gut. Have the courage to do the right things for the right reasons.
  • We always demonstrate our care for people.
Fraction was honoured to play a roll in helping raise funds for the Tse’k’wa Foundation events – a community connecting moment, showcasing how much we can do when we do it together!


We have deep roots within our working communities

Fraction is dedicated to actively partnering with Indigenous communities and organizations. Our goal is to identify and engage in mutually beneficial areas of interest, create opportunities for growth, and cultivate meaningful business relationships. Our commitment to supporting local opportunities reflects our belief in the flourishing and prosperity of our communities, directly contributing to our values and goals.


We are responsible for each other

We have made great strides over the last 18 months, yet, as leaders in our industry, we will increase efforts to create a better HSE program—because it’s the right thing to do. We build upon our successes, and communicate our lessons learned to mitigate future hazards.

Everyone at Fraction knows their voice matters, and their ideas for innovation are welcomed.

All new workers receive intensive hands-on training in equipment, tools, load securement, procedures, and other applicable tasks prior to starting field work.


ESG is a prime focus on a daily basis. Our ultimate goal is to reduce our footprint.

Fraction, together with our Partners, strives to be a steward of our land. We believe a focus on advancing technology will help to reduce emissions, mitigate environmental disruption & allow for better monitoring for added awareness

Looking forward, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

We remain focused on delivering exceptional service, driving effciency, and creating value for our stakeholders. We continue to build Fraction with an intentional focus on maintaining our culture, especially as we grow. Living our values is the biggest asset we have within the Fraction Group.

Ken Wagner, President & Chief Executive Officer
Fraction Energy Services
Fraction is a company comprised of a tight-knit team of individuals who all bring invaluable experience and skill sets to the table, and that is a great thing to be a part of from the very beginning!

With Fraction constantly striving to expand and grow, the future looks bright from a professional perspective – especially in a leadership role.

Chris Kestell, SR. VP, Corporate Development
Fraction Energy Services