CSA Compliance & Certification ensures our line of superheaters is rigorously tested, functions reliably & ultimately reduces on-site risk.


Diverse, safe, and innovative – your trusted superheater fleet

Through LV Energy Services, a subsidiary of Green Energy Services, we offer fluid heating for any project, any size, in any environment. The heating fleet consists of mobile trailer units, skid units, industry leading thermal and fuel efficiency heaters, and simpler, conventional options that heat fluid quickly.

SCADA controlled, direct-fired, high-efficiency Superheaters allow you to monitor fuel usage, temperature differential, thermal and fuel efficiencies in real-time, realizing further cost savings through even greater control of fuel usage.


Million standard cubic feet of NG fuel saved by using high efficiency heaters over conventional heaters

CSA Compliance & Certification

LV Energy offers compliant frac fluid heaters with dual fuel capacity. Every valve on our heater units are CSA certified for both propane and natural gas. With state-of-the-art automated pressure and temperature controls, our heaters maximize safety and efficiency to optimize your operation.


LV Energy provides full heating services across both upstream and midstream sectors.

Frac Water Heaters

  • 27MM BTU High Efficiency Self Contained Heaters
  • 40MM BTU Skid Heaters
  • 33 MM BTU Diesel Heaters
  • Mobile Super Heaters


  • 30 & 40HP Mobile Boilers
  • 80HP Skid Boilers
  • 125HP Skid Boilers
  • 150HP Skid Boilers

All new Glycol support units for Boiler

Glycol Heaters

  • 4MM BTU Self-contained Glycol Heaters
  • 6.8MM BTU Self Contained Glycol Heaters
  • Glycol/Air Heat Exchangers
  • Glycol/Water Heat Exchangers

Our Experts

Spencer Akhurst
Northern Heating Manager

Years in the water management/heating game: 9

Homebase: Grande Prairie, AB

Where will we find you when not at work? Spending time with the family, camping, mountain biking, or side-by-siding.

Rod Clemmer
Boiler & Glycol Operations Manager

Years in the water management/heating game: 11; 28 in the oilfield

Homebase: Grande Prairie, AB

Where will we find you when not at work? In the great outdoors – fishing, camping, yard work, golfing, etc.

Cory Schriver
Southern Heating Manager

Years in the water management/heating game: 13 years

Homebase: Rimbey, AB

Where will we find you when not at work? Hockey rink or camping.

LV Energy is always working to raise the bar through performance and dependability, safety, efficiency, and innovation.

The collaboration of great equipment, people and service enhancements created a great opportunity for LV Energy to join the Fraction team, and become a division of Green Energy Services. It starts and ends with people, and we have a great team.”

Jason Hendersen – President
LV Energy Services