Our culture is the pulse of our company. We seek passionate workers and leaders, dedicated to authentic service.

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A place to grow as a person.
A place to call home as you raise your family.

Be part of a true team

We’ve worked hard to build a culture of mutual support, safety, and continuous learning. We operate with an entrepreneurial mindset, and we are driven to see everyone succeed. Every single person on the team contributes unique perspectives – that’s how we innovate and maintain an edge of creativity.

Launchpad for growth

The projects we face are challenging, and rewarding. Fraction is a catalyst for the next stage of your career. You’ll get involved in diverse aspects of a job, and become even more versatile. We promote from within. We know a leader when we meet one. If you’ve got the drive, and you think we’re a good fit – connect with us.

Small company feel;
big opportunities

As Fraction continues to grow, we intentionally focus on maintaining a small company culture. We know how much you appreciate family flexibility, career progression/promotions, and tight-knit relationships with your team – all the perks of a small company. We expect good work, and in return give a runway for growth.

Dependable hours &
competitive pay

Pay may not be the most important factor… but we know it’s likely near the top of your priority list. Fraction offers stable work hours and compensation you can depend on. We offer industry-leading rates, as well as benefits packages that support your family.

Our Experts

Dustyn Hordos
Program Coordinator

Years in the water management game: 12

Homebase: Fort St. John, BC

Where will we find you when not at work? Family adventures!

Erica McNeil
PCP – Payroll Manager

Years in the water management game: 2

Homebase: Grande Prairie, AB

Where will we find you when not at work? Hiking, fishing, and camping!

Dwayne Truax
Operations Coordinator

Years in water management game: 13

Homebase: Grande Prairie, AB

Where will we find you when not at work? Hanging with the family.

Fraction has been a home for me since 2013 – where I have advanced my career from dispatching to a Vice President role, and from an employee to a partner.

More importantly, I have been able to raise my family while furthering my career and I have built strong personal and professional relationships along the way.

Chris Kestell, Sr. VP, Corporate Development
Fraction Energy Services
Working alongside a multitude of talented individuals with diverse skills is incredibly exhilarating.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer my fresh perspectives and support these exceptional minds. At Fraction, I truly feel like I can embrace every unique challenge as a stepping stone to becoming my best self!”

Rex Li – Junior Project Engineering