Water storage systems offered by Fraction are designed to meet the demands of your operation’s water storage requirements. We strive to provide industry-leading products for our customers that improve safety, are customizable to your specifications, and offer innovative solutions.


Engineered to meet your most rigorous demands

We focus on providing environmentally responsible and cost effective containment options that ensure operational safety, regulatory compliance, and minimal environmental impact.

Our tailored solutions are specifically designed to address your project’s unique needs – from c-rings, buffer tanks & Minions®.


Safe, efficient & sustainable storage for water & sand

Modular Tanks

Fraction leads the industry in design and deliverability.

Our unique bulkhead design allows our crews to complete set-ups and teardowns safely and at a reduced cost to customers. With multiple sizes, our tanks are suitable for various lease sizes and frac spread layouts.

Modular Tank Sizes:

  • 1,300m³
  • 3,000m³
  • 4,500m³
  • 6,000m³
  • 6,600m³
  • 9,600m³
  • 13,000m³

Minion® Tanks

Fraction is proud to partner with ThinkTank to supply the Minion® tank which saves time and money on consumable costs, liner disposal and recycling with a reusable bladder.

The Minion® tank has the largest volume to area storage capacity, saving much needed space on your project.

Minion® Tank Sizes:

  • 575m³ 
  • 1,000m³
  • 1,500m³
  • 3,200m³

Buffer Tanks

Fraction’s buffer tanks are available in two sizes, the Shark Tank (190m3), and the Whale Tank (230m3) – both are innovative solutions to frac fluid management redundancies and inefficiencies.

Engineered for practicality in the field, these dual-purpose frac tanks are delivered as a single legal load, complete with manifold, monitoring and safety equipment built right in.


recycled liner in 2023

Sustainability Innovations

Impact of liner recycling

Working with our recycling partners, we domestically shred, grind and wash LLDPE liners, reclaiming the LLDPE resin in a 100% environmentally friendly process.

Staying cost competitive, we make it an economical decision for our customers to keep plastic (which takes 1000 years to biodegrade) out of landfills. We are educators and advocates in this space and our goal is to recycle all applicable C-ring liners Canada-wide.

Our experts

Steve Boorman
Containment Manager

Years in the water management game: 10

Homebase: Between Calgary & Grande Prairie, AB

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Derek Allan
Containment Coordinator

Years in the water management game: 7; 30 in the oil patch

Homebase: Grande Prairie, AB

Where will we find you when not at work? I am an avid outdoorsman who will be camping, quadding or hunting.

Fraction owns a fleet of winch tractors & 45 tonne pickers

We have our own equipment and trained crew in-house, for all containment set-up and tear down. This means quicker, more efficient execution; and, the ability to pass on cost-savings to our clients.

Dave Snodgrass, Driver
Fraction Energy Services