Environmental, Social and Governance


Fraction Energy Services understands the importance of applying Environmental, Social and Governance standards to all business practices and operations. It is the company’s objective to identify opportunities that can deliver positive results, and can be incorporated into daily operating practices to benefit both internal and external shareholders.

Key Stakeholders
  • Shareholders and Business Partners
  • Employees and Contractors
  • Local and Indigenous Communities
  • Customers and Suppliers
  • Lenders

Consideration of the impact the business has on the environment both at the corporate and field level and develop initiatives to mitigate the level of harm our operations have on the air, land and water. Incorporate practical ideas into operating procedures and asset selection and management by using technology to drive change.

Improve the well-being of stakeholders (internal and external) through enhancing organizational health and safety initiatives and developing and participating in programs that provide long term value creation to local communities and partners.

Ensure that ethical business practices are in place, generally accepted accounting practices are followed, and regular reporting of business activities is delivered to shareholders.

Key performance indicators will be tracked and reported on as required to meet Board of Directors, Customers and Stakeholders needs.

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